Making small spaces inspiring

Our products have multiple uses – so why not reinvent your space with BOTL Amsterdam? Our designs are inspired by apartment living in Amsterdam’s city centre, thoughtfully crafted to maximise living space without compromising style.

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    After three to five business days
  • 100% HAND MADE

    Out of oak wood

    No single-use plastic



Why you’ll love our wooden bike hangers

A wooden bike hanger, sometimes also referred to as a ‘wooden bike hook’ or ‘wooden bike mount’ can reinvent any space. BOTL Amsterdam began with a passion for cycling paired with a love of woodwork. The idea of combining cycling and woodwork came from the frustrations of living in a tiny apartment in Amsterdam’s city centre. We were perplexed as to how we could store our race bikes inside, without taking up too much space. We started our journey by experimenting in our family’s garage, cutting wooden mounts from oak wood. After several prototypes, we perfected the shape, the colour and finish to match perfectly in our living room. Soon our friends started asking whether we could make more for them, and that’s when we started our business!

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