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Bike On The Ledge #1 – Natural Oil – 100% Oak

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This natural oak wood bike wall hanger has been oiled by hand. The natural oil gives it a warm finish, enhancing the wood’s grains whilst keeping true to hanger’s minimalist design. By storing your bike on the wall, you can effortlessly turn it into a work of art, whilst also saving valuable space. This handcrafted bike wall mount will certainly become a talking point in your home.

Each hanger has a length of 32 cm, width of 32 cm and height of 12.5 cm. The frame opening is 4.9 cm high and can hold up to 12.5 kg – the weight of most road bicycles. The product itself weighs 4.9 kilograms.

Scroll down to the ‘description’ section for mounting instructions.

Our Bike On The Ledge #1 is handmade from oak wood and finished by hand with natural oil. Hang your bike on the wall to turn it into a work of art, or simply save space in a stylish way. This handcrafted mounting system will certainly become a talking point in your home.

Mounting instructions:

1) Select a a section of a load bearing/masonry wall. Before drilling or putting a screw into a wall, be sure you’ve checked what’s behind it with a pipe, cable and stud detector (also known as a multi-purpose digital detector).
2) Place one hand underneath the lid and one on top to gently lift the lid off
3) Place the bike hanger against the wall where you would like it mounted using a spirit level
4) Holding the hanger against the wall (with the spirit level), mark the screw holes on the wall with a pen/marker
5) Remove the hanger to check the three screw holes are marked correctly on the wall
6) Drill three holes (8 mm) where you’ve marked on the wall. Make sure to drill perpendicularly into the wall
7) Insert the plugs into the three holes
8) Keeping the lid off, place bike hanger back into position against the wall
9) Using a screw driver, screw the screws tightly into the plugs
10) Carefully place the lid back on the bike hanger and decorate accordingly

See ‘Videos’ section to watch a tutorial.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 12 cm

1 review for Bike On The Ledge #1 – Natural Oil – 100% Oak

  1. Sally

    This is such a beautiful product and fantastic quality! The oak wood has the loveliest grains running through it. Couldn’t be happier hanging my bike in my flat.

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