• Bike On The Ledge #2 – Natural Oil – 100% Oak


    Bike On The Ledge #2 is handmade from natural oak wood. Inspired by minimalist floating shelves, it will surely leave you scrambling for knick-knacks or trinkets to display with your bike.

    With a length of 30 cm, width of 28 cm and height of 12.5 cm, this bike hanger can hold up to 12.5 kg in weight. The product itself weighs around four kilograms.

    Scroll down to the ‘description’ section for mounting instructions.

  • Bike On The Ledge #1 – No finish – 100% Oak


    This handmade oak wood bike hanger has a natural ‘no finish’. Our unvarnished hanger breathes style through its simplicity.

    It has a length of 32 cm, width of 32 cm and height of 12.5 cm. The frame opening is 4.9 cm high and can hold up to 12.5 kg – the weight of most road bicycles. The product itself weighs 4.9 kilograms. The product comes with protection filt for the frame.

    Scroll down to ‘description’ section for mounting instructions.