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Maak kleine ruimtes inspirerend

BOTL Amsterdam producten have multiple uses – so why not reinvent your space with a BOTL Amsterdam bike wall mount, laptop stand or surfboard hanger? Our designs are inspired by apartment living in Amsterdam’s city centre, thoughtfully crafted to maximise living space without compromising style. Mount your bike, laptop or surfboard with our premium products to turn them into works of art.


    Na drie tot vijf werkdagen

    Uit Eiken, Beuk of Bamboo

    Geen plastic verpakkings materiaal




Why you’ll love our bike wall mounts, laptop stands and surfboard hangers

Our premium, hand-made Fiets hangers are stylish ways to reinvent any space by mounting your bike to the wall. Since launching, we’ve added bamboo laptop stands and a surfboard wall hanger to our range. We started BOTL Amsterdam as we’re passionate about cycling and have a love of woodwork. The idea of combining cycling and woodwork came from living in a tiny apartment in Amsterdam’s city centre, without any possibility to store our bikes. We wanted to create a product that could thoughtfully store our road bikes inside, whilst turning them into pieces of our interior decor. Our wooden bike mounts are hand-made from oak wood, allowing you hang your bike on the wall, whilst turning it into a piece of art! We’ve gone on to design and create a bamboo laptop standaard as well as a surfboard wall mount, combining functionality and style.


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