How do I use my BOTL Amsterdam bike hanger?

You can use the Bike On The Ledge (weight tested: 12.5 kg) as a bike hanger that fits within your interior design. Transform it into a small book ledge; put some photo frames on top of it; decorate it with some cacti or a hanging plant; or make it more functional, by adding some more nails it can even carry your helmet or shoes. You use it the way you like! For inspiration, please have a look at our Instagram page #BOTLamsterdam. You can store some small items inside the bike hanger, but we would recommend you to do this via the frame mouth rather than the top plate. The top plate does not contain turning mechanisms, and therefore the top plate needs some help lifting it.

How do I hang my bike hanger on the wall?

It is important that you select a wall that is able to hold the weight of your bike plus the Bike On The Ledge. In most cases, walls existing out of brick or gypsum blocks (not to be confused with gypsum plates) should be able to carry this weight. We will provide you with three wall mounts / screws for these standard types of walls. If you are in doubt or if you would like to use another type of wall, please get advise at a local DIY shop. They should be able to provide you other wall mounts / screws if needed.

What are the sizes of the bike hangers?

The Bike On The Ledge sizes are : 32cm (l) x 32cm (b) x 12.5 (h). The frame mouth is 4.8mm high, which is suitable for a standard bicycle frame.

What tools do I need?

You will need a concrete power drill, with a concrete screw of 8mm; a spirit level; a screw driver; a pen or pencil; and a little device to scan the walls for detecting electric water cables or water pipes.


Can I track my order?

After sending the products, we will send you an email with the specific track & trace code.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. Please let us know within 24 hours by sending an email to

What do I do if my order is partly delivered, or is damaged?

Please contact us on

Till when can I send back my product?

You can return the BOTL Amsterdam products back within two weeks after delivery. Products need to be sent in original packaging to assure products are not to be damaged in transport.

How can I return my product?

Please send an email with your order number, bank details, and the reason for the return shipment to The products can be sent back to Vierwindenstraat 33, 1013LA, Amsterdam. You will receive your money when the product has been received in the original packaging (good and undamaged condition). Return sending costs are to be paid by the customer.

What is the expected delivery time?

Depending on your order, some products might still need a final treatment. Therefore, please have a look at the expected delivery time in the ‘product section’. If you need your product urgently, please reach out to us on After we have sent your product, you should be able to follow it via a track & trace code. If you are not home during delivery, the package will be delivered at one of your neighbours or at a parcel shop close by.

What are the shipping costs?

You will be able to see these additional costs in your shopping basket, after you have selected your country of residence.


How can I pay on your website?

You can pay via IDEAL, PayPal and creditcard

Will I get my sending costs back when I return the product?

We will send you the product free for charge. The costs for returning any of the products are for the customer. Please note that returning the products in its original and undamaged state (original packaging) are the responsibility of the customer.

Where can I physically buy the BOTL Amsterdam products?

Are you interested in selling our products in our store? Please contact us via
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