BOTL Amsterdam was founded by friends from University, Wessel and Jan. As road cyclists living in Amsterdam, we were unable to find a stylish way to store our bikes in our city-centre apartments. Our initial concept and design was borne out of cafe conversations and experimentation in our family’s garage. So that's where our journey with Bike On The Ledge began. 

Our ethos has and will also be about making small spaces inspiring. Each of our products is inspired by apartment living, combining functionality and style.

Once we established and expanded our bike hanger range, we started looking for the next useful household item to create. Working from home on our dining room tables led to the idea to create a fun, sustainable and stylish laptop stand. Our latest design is our surfboard hanger, inspired by our ocean-loving friends living in apartments around the world.

We ensure our products are hand crafted to guarantee the best quality and finish. Join us in our pursuit for living minimally, with thoughtful and eco-friendly furniture.